HLS - create m3u8 with byte ranges

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HLS - create m3u8 with byte ranges

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I have been in this problem for many weeks, I can not find a solution and nobody has had this problem. is probably a ffmpeg bug.

this is what happens:
in the player, exactly in the second 7, a locking in the video happens.
ffmpeg.exe -i in.mp4 -vcodec copy -acodec aac -hls_list_size 0 -hls_segment_size 15000000 -f hls out.m3u8
15000000 = ~15MB

This is the error that occurs when using '-hls_segment_size', I've been on this problem for several weeks.

What I'm trying to do is have segments with an approximate size,
and in the m3u8 file have byte ranges to get the seconds of that file(without -hls_flags single_file).

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