Dolphin's framedumping feature needs improvement, advice welcome

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Dolphin's framedumping feature needs improvement, advice welcome

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Since this feature was first created way way back almost 10 years ago, it's been unreliable and buggy from the start, afaik, I am fairly new around the project and it's codebase so I have to do a lot of figuring out, the longterm Dolphin developers are aware of the issues, but none of them have taken substantial time on this issue, I'm nowhere a skilled programmer but I could learn a few things looking into this if nobody else can't do it. On the other hand I have been dealing with ffmpeg and video transcoding in general as a user for a long time.

The nice folks over at the FFmpeg IRC channel have already gave me some pointers what may have be wrong with the code, the use of AVI container isn't optimal because it reportedly doesn't support VFR normally unless using programming tricks, the improper PTS implementation, and other things, as for performance, Dolphin Emulator is ofcourse CPU dependant and using GPU accelerated codecs may be worth taking a look into.

There's ofcourse other things that make this tricy which is specific to Dolphin-Emu because it's an emulator and the same things usually done with ffmpeg integration wouldn't necessairly count for this type of deal, there are more deeper issues such as GPU/CPU Sync and other things that Dolphin has which affect this, various hacks and "enhancements" which do speed things up, but with a stability cost.

Relevant code can be found here: (these are hyperlinks to the current state, check history if you're looking at this in future or it seems obsolete/updated)

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