Multiple input with single UDP output

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Multiple input with single UDP output

Post by ahmedramze » Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:58 pm


I'm new on FFmpeg , I need to do VBR input with CBR output with below requirement

input 1 (live Stream) 10 Mbps hardware or upd stream.
input 2 (live Stream) 10 Mbps
input 3 (live Stream) 10 Mbps
input 4 (live Stream) 10 Mbps

output will be UDP MpegTS 20Mb maximum but I need each input encoding with VBR total 4 channels must be 20Mbps , in case of maximum each channel take 5Mb , if input 1 taking 2Mbps the 3 Mbps will added to who need it for example input 2 will use 8Mbps , etc. if input 1 and input 2 and input 3 taking 6Mb the 14Mbps can use for input 4

the output will be
single UDP with
prog1 PID Vin1 PID Ain1
prog2 PID Vin2 PID Ain2
prog3 PID Vin3 PID Ain3
prog4 PID Vin4 PID Ain4

like udp://@

my quistion its on two parts first on using VBR over CBR channel
2nd to mix input into one stream I use -map X:X but its give me single stream with mutilple video audio single program I need to make it multiple program each program with his audio and video.

also if some one can help me on this I will pay him.

and thanks in advance.

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