Ffmpeg stream rtsp via h264 , low quality

Steam recording with RTMPDump or FFmpeg.
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Ffmpeg stream rtsp via h264 , low quality

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When i stream rtsp with ffmpeg via upd i got lot of errors of

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error while decoding MB 48 31, bytestream
. and i see the video with low quality.

I stream with ffmpeg according to this command :

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ffmpeg -i rtsp://x.x.x.x/... http://y.y.y.y:zzzz
On this way I send the data to ffserver and then I can watch the video via ffplay or vlc according to url :

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(I have ffserve conf that stream to h264 file).

When i stream via rtsp tcp all is fine, and i see the video well. but when i stream with rtsp udp i got video with very low quality, freezes or gets stuck.

I want to understand 2 stuff:

1. I know that udp is less reliability then tcp, but when i watch on stream from another streaming via rtsp udp i see the video with much more quality.
is ffmpeg has a problem to stream udp or is that because i stream h264 with rtsp udp.
What can i do to improve performance of ffmpeg with rtsp udp?

2. What does it matter witch type of file i stream (on rtsp udp) if this will be h264 or avi or mp4 or ffm or amp?
i see lot of streaming that stream amp , and another that streaming h264

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