a proxy problem of libav

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a proxy problem of libav

Post by cic1988 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:12 am

hallo, all.

I am a newbie in ffmpeg, currently hav to use libav decode live audio stream.
In libav he provides a certain function avformat_open_input() which need the input source path.

The decoder based on libav now works good and I can use it decode local file and also internet stream by simply passing local path, for example c:/temp/music.mp3 or by http://adress.

But the problem is now I dont know how to make it work if the internet access must consider proxy too. for example, my working environment uses proxy to connect outside. if I directly pass http://,,, to avformat_open_input, nothing happened.

By checking through ffmpeg source code, I found there is a file named http.c, inside defines http protocol, with proxy name and authentication.

I am sure in libav there must be somewhere to handle this proxy problem, maybe by passing correct address format to avformat_open_input(), http_proxy something, or somewhere we can set up the proxy or network parameters.

Is anyone knows how to make it?
Thanks in advance. Cause from internt, there is hardly no documentation of it. I only find one statement in ffmpeg documentation, which states that :"....with http_proxy, it is useful to set proxy..." but the author didnt say anything further !

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