How to uninstall ffmpeg

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How to uninstall ffmpeg

Post by producerben »

Please forgive me for asking such a silly question, I am not the only user who wants to know, but how do we unistall ffmpeg please.

i have installed on a windows 7, 64bit machine (Dell ispiron 1545, duel 2.30ghz intel, 4gb ram, win 7 pro 64bit).

I keep getting errors and it's slowing down my machine. I'm sorry if I sound silly or am offending anyone, but I am not interested in having it on my system anymore and want to know how to remove it completely please.

I have done the basics by checking :

Programs and features

I can't see it in either of these locations.

If anyone could create an uninstall or show me where to find the existing one, i would be most greatful.

Once I have this info, I can also forward other people to this post so they know what to do also.

Many thanks and I look forwarded to receiving your help.

Kind regards

Ben :)

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Re: How to uninstall ffmpeg

Post by rogerdpack »

you just delete the folder ffmpeg-rxxx-hash wherever you had it unzipped previously (and no, it's probably not the one causing you system slowdowns).

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Re: How to uninstall ffmpeg

Post by tedanoell »

Does the program leave anything in the registry?
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Re: How to uninstall ffmpeg

Post by Zeranoe »

tedanoell wrote:Does the program leave anything in the registry?

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