ffplay for MFC

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ffplay for MFC

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I'd like to share one of my opensource software: ffplay for MFC
This software transplant ffplay to Microsoft VC++ environment. And use MFC to build a simple Graphical User Interface. It can decode a media stream and play it out. It has basic function of a video player such as: play, pause/continue, backward, forward, full screen etc. Through this software, the beginner of ffmpeg can learn ffmpeg’s API or relatively technologies.
Everything is done and you can run the project directly.

Project Page:

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Re: ffplay for MFC

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Re: ffplay for MFC

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Note that this was created with VS 2010, which is no longer available, even with an Enterprise MSDN subscription.

Trying to compile in VS Community 2013 or higher syntax errors.

However, if one does not "update" the project when loading into VS 2012, it compiles clean and runs.

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