mingw64 windows 8k limitation

Questions that occur when trying to compile FFmpeg.
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mingw64 windows 8k limitation

Post by ErwanDouaille »

I would like to compile ffmpeg on windows using msys mingw64.

Here is the configure I used :

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./configure --arch=x86_64 --enable-shared --disable-static --prefix=/e/Downloads/ffmpeg-dyn/
An make :

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mingw32-make.exe -j16
But I encounter an error while generating avcodec def file.
EXTERN_PREFIX="" AR="ar" NM="nm -g" ./compat/windows/makedef libavcodec/libavcod ec.ver libavcodec/012v.o libavcodec/4xm.o libavcodec/8bps.o libavcodec/8svx.o li bavcodec/a64multienc.o libavcodec/aac_ac3_parser.o libavcodec/aac_adtstoasc_bsf. o libavcodec/aac_parser.o libavcodec/aaccoder.o libavcodec/aacdec.o libavcodec/a acdec_fixed.o libavcodec/aacenc.o libavcodec/aacenc_is.o libavcodec/aacenc_ltp.o libavcodec/aacenc_pred.o libavcodec/aacenc_tns.o libavcodec/aacenctab.o libavco dec/aacps_fixed.o libavcodec/aacps_float.o libavcodec/aacpsdsp_fixed.o libavcode
......... bavcodec/xwddec.o libavcodec/xwdenc.o libavcodec/xxan.o libavcodec/y41pdec.o lib avcodec/y41penc.o libavcodec/ylc.o libavcodec/yop.o libavcodec/yuv4dec.o libavco dec/yuv4enc.o libavcodec/zerocodec.o libavcodec/zmbv.o libavcodec/zmbvenc.o > li bavcodec/avcodec-58.def
Object does not exist: lib
mingw32-make: *** [ffbuild/library.mak:102: libavcodec/avcodec-58.dll] Error 1
Makefile $(OBJ) containing the list of .o files is cut at ~8192 char. And that´s the reason why I have the error : "Object does not exist: lib" lib is actually the beginning of a libXX.o file.
After investigation it looks like this is due to cmd.exe limitations of 8192 character for parameters.
Does anybody had this issue and found a solution ?

I tried : http://mingw.5.n7.nabble.com/MSYS-bash- ... 22786.html but didn´t work.

Otherwise, compiling static ffmpeg works well.

Thanks for helping

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