ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers tuned by KONYZULPHREA

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ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers tuned by KONYZULPHREA

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Because of tight resources, it is better to build high-bit even generating only CPU functions.

To Getting Start with, You can visit https://github.com/konysulphrea/ffmpeg- ... ld-helpers, I have provided two script to see if really suits you. The first modfication is CPU-only, And the second modifcation is only leaving with the most advanced encoder such as 12-bit VP9 encoder and 10-bit x264 encoder , opus audio codec with others if you enable high-bitdepth.

To Get right , You can refer the orginal one, it is between line 1501 and 1505.

I am now finding a way how to build the 3.3 build after more tests as I need good software first as I have read that Ryzen(R) 1700 is a good bargin. Not only using indium for heat-transfering inside the bronze shell, also the performance slaps The compeition very heavily. But during these tets currently, only GNU-ed part like blender (as Lady Liza uses Blender recompiled to demostrate no Gibberish operation)as GNU believes fairness, liberty are the main keys of improvement.

I used to try the build with kdenlive but leaving bad answers during rendering because of SDL2 or something. Anyway, Processing an intermediate result such as crf 0 x264 encoded script with HIGH Bitrate , MXF or MJPEG are okay which I have tried as people won't see much differences. Since 10-bit will be the second standard for broadcasting in later future, These content providers can forget the Software Junk, Just use the authorized channel to do their things.

Content in the forked.
ffmpeg_windows_Build_PureCPU.sh, all default functions enabled without dxva2
Compile_ffmpeg_windows_Trimmed.sh, only leaving new and important codecs like x264, vp9, opus as I like to load more with tighter bandwidth. There is an experiment I have been doing. What I can do within 6Mbps in total (Including subtitles, video and two sounds)?
cross_compile_ffmpeg.sh : Default setting, all default functions enabled, with dxva2

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