LGPL License question

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LGPL License question

Post by yah1003 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:53 am

Dear community,

I know this question may have been answered many times, but I could not seem to e able to find the specific answer, so I am here to ask, hoping somebody can help.

I've studied the FFmpeg license very carefully and understood it totally (at least I think so....), no question about the terms. My understanding for one important condition for being an LGPL is that my Windows application must link FFmpeg library dynamically. I also understand this. The thing that I don't understand is how do I compile the FFmpeg library to be dynamically linked library (in Windows term DLL)?

I've followed the following link

http://amitmangal.blogspot.com/2010/02/ ... ndows.html

and compiled FFmpeg source code with the configuration

./configuration --enable-static --enable-shared --enable-memalign-hack

and I obtained several Libs and DLLs under local/bin directory (such like avcodec.lib and avcodec-53.dll). I've wrote a test program to test, I added those *.lib into my code (in Visual studio project property) but without copying all the required DLLs into the project folder. The test program compiled OK but when it ran, an error prompted for not finding required DLLs. Then I copied all the required DLLs into project folder, the test program ran without any error.

So my question is are those DLLs that I need to link dynamically in my application code so that the FFmpeg LGPL terms are met?

ps. This is my very first time using an open source code!

Thanks in advance.

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