Libx265 with CRF 12 UF vs CRF 14 M

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Libx265 with CRF 12 UF vs CRF 14 M

Post by UTAVATU » Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:50 pm

Dear Friends

I would like to know, which settings will give better quality?

Libx265 with CRF 12 and ultrafast preset or CRF 14 and medium preset. I don't why, but while using Libx265 presets give other results then in Libx264. Ultrafast will generate smaller file than medium preset, but video bitrate is higher while using medium preset and of course it take longer to complete encode. CRF 12 should produce better quality then CRF 14 while using the same preset, but what in such below scenario:

CRF 12 ultrafast vs CRF 14 medium? Which one will produce better quality video with Libx265?

I would be glad for your help and support.

Thank you in advance.


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