Video players can't play movie's audio properly

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Video players can't play movie's audio properly

Post by LinuxUser003 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:37 pm

I reencoded a movie from h264 to h265 10 bit to a file without tracks "no_sound.mkv". I also extracted the (mostly .ac3) 7 sound tracks from the h264 movie and reencoded them to .opus and then merged them with the "no_sound.mkv" file into "output.mkv".

However the (mpv, vlc latest versions) players fail to seek in the new file (they play the video, but no audio, freeze, or play both, depending where I mouse-click on the track-line), despite individually the .opus files and the "no_sound.mkv" being seekable by both players, so I suspect something wrong happens during the audio and video merge.
Any ideas what could be wrong?

The command line to merge was:
ffmpeg -i no_sound.mkv -i a1.opus -i a2.opus -i a3.opus -i a4.opus -i a5.opus -i a6.opus -i a7.opus -map 0 -map 1 -map 2 -map 3 -map 4 -map 5 -map 6 -map 7 -c copy output.mkv

ffmpeg 4.1, Ubuntu 19.10 amd64

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