ffmpeg can't create dir

Questions involving a Windows version of FFmpeg.
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ffmpeg can't create dir

Post by antiqrom »

Hi all. I have a problem.FFmpeg doesn't want to create a new folder and place there encoded files

-i "<FullSourceFileName>" -y "<OutputPath>NEW_FOLDER\<OutputFileName>_%06d.tga"

Here's my log file:

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13-06-2019 15-47-16 Launching Job, executable:C:\Program Files (x86)\AnotherGUI_2_1_1\ffmpeg-20190612-caabe1b-win64-static\bin\ffmpeg.exe
 Arguments: -i "D:\084_solod\src\0-01-48-16.avi" -y "D:\084_solod\src\NEW_FOLDER\0-01-48-16_%06d.tga"
13-06-2019 15-47-17 Job error: to TGA -> D:\084_solod\src\0-01-48-16.avi
Help me please :roll:

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Re: ffmpeg can't create dir

Post by pandy »

ffmpeg is OS agnostic as such it doesn't create folders, if you need folder use proper OS command (for DOS mkdir)

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