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FFMPEG documentation example for chromakey doesn't work for green background png file

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:18 pm
by Julmich
Im new in FFMPEG and I try to make just simple green background chroma keying of png image. In FFMPEG documentation in 38.16 Chromakey - there is an example script:

ffmpeg -i input.png -vf chromakey=green out.png

for which is said that "Make every green pixel in the input image transparent" That exactly what i wanted. I tried with many different png images but the result is always a copy of input image. Also i replaced the word "green" to 0x00FF00 or 0x008000 and still no successes. Only when replacing green to black and then the result is as expected - transparent. Im working on Windows with pre-build binaries of FFMpeg. What am I missing? Thanks.