Combining -to with framerate change

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Combining -to with framerate change

Post by lff » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:16 pm

I have a question regarding the use of the -to option:
In FFmpeg version 3 (at least 3.2.12 included in Debian 9), -to was an output only option. In more recent version it seems to be accepted as an input option as well (as written here but I run into limitations when using in conjunction with -r.
What I expect, if I increase the framerate of the input, is that the output will be shorter. But it is not the case:

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ffmpeg -r 30 -to 10 -i my18fpsFile.avi out.mp4
out.mp4 will be 10 seconds long, so the input has been read further than 10 seconds in.
In other terms, even as an input option, it seems to behave like an output option.
Tested with ffmpeg version N-48102-g7cab5471b2-static on Debian Stretch.
Thanks for your advice or confirmation that this is not normal.

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