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the video quality of the webcam reduces after the initial 2 seconds. what is the exact command to get HD video

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:30 am
by vineemike
Hi all,

I am using windows 10 64bit system. I use the ffmpeg command to record the video from the web cam and also the avermedia capture card. when i record the video, the initial 2 seconds is of the good quality and after the video quality is poor. May I know what is the reason for this. the camera i use logitech 1080p HD and the ffmpeg command i use is .\ffmpeg.exe -y -f dshow -video_size "1920x1080" -framerate "30" -i audio="Microphone (HD Webcam C615)":video="HD Webcam C615" -t "00:00:10" new_vid.avi kindly assist