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FFmpeg IPTV - H264

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:49 am
by Andrew0991a
I have problem with watch my IPTV. On the screen i see only artefacts.
Below is my dump file.

Code: Select all!lrIz3bRS!qxrP7R2P-_41GhlMww61gBUSa76I5OH_y8Zm1c6VPOA
What should i set to correctly decode the udp stream and watch IPTV?

Thanks for help.

In VLC i see: h264 mpeg4 avc (part 10) (h264)
Below is also tcpdump

Code: Select all!wiJwFCAK!7Z08b3GA2zYHuYI-7PEewPMbUe9PrzOenz6tXrFtZRA
Any one can help?