Questions that occur when trying to compile FFmpeg.
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This is my first post, so hi all users and thanks to the people keeping this useful site running.

I use FFmpeg libraries in a personal project so I maintain FFmpeg built up to date from Zeranoe source code. I use MSYS2 platform to keep all dependencies also up to date and for the building process.

I've built it many times in the last months with zero problems but a few days ago I built it again and when I run ffmpeg.exe or any .exe built using FFmpeg libraries, the program crashes and an error windows pops up showing this text:

"The procedure entry point __cxa_thread_atexit could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Msys2\mingw32\bin\libzimg-2.dll"

If I don't use libzimg specifying --disable-libzimg, ffmpeg.exe or any compiled program runs with no errors (but seriously impairing ffmpeg and its libraries).

I'll really appreciate any help. Thank you! ;)

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