Erorr in compilation of ffmpeg nad mplayer with msys 1.0 and gcc 5.1.0 in windows7 x64

Questions that occur when trying to compile FFmpeg.
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Erorr in compilation of ffmpeg nad mplayer with msys 1.0 and gcc 5.1.0 in windows7 x64

Post by jeruka9 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:06 pm

compile ffmpeg also ffplay and mplayer on gcc 5.1.0(TDM-GCC-64) without libraries on msys 1.0 in windows 7 x64
errors are : line 488 command not found,
''dont exists no such file or directory. etc..
first was working compile mplayer by use :
./configure --yasm=
but stoped working for ffplay with ffmpeg i need install SDL but i dont know how.
i have PKG-CONFIG in gcc i installed it also dx headers.
thats all .
compile its that possible ?
PS : i was fix the problem with mplayer :
1. unistall cygwin which messed up with mingw
2. install GCC ... e/download on C disk
3.install Msys on disk C ... &download= point to C:/TDM-GCC-64 yasm copy to bin folder rename to yasm
5.copy dx7headers to include folder
6. instal zlib library to msys folder home/user/name of user (unpacked) then type 'ls' cd name of our directory later comand : make
7. point to directory cd c:/Mplayer
8. write in shell : ./configure --yasm= --enable-static(i hope that option enable static do something here)
9. write command : make
10. successufully compiled without libraries on clear ffmpeg it does show errors in shell after compilation but works : mplayer.exe ,mencoder.exe,cpuinfo.exe ,codec-cfg.exe for osd and other features need extra libraries.
now im thinking about compile ffmpeg static with ffplay by pkg-confing and cmake.
works with every mplayer version i was compile latest build.
later i add screens.
about compile ffmpeg i need write own script and install openal i have SDL installed.something changed in my installation i must use this:
cd zlib-1.2.11 ... w32.tar.gz
make -f win32/Makefile.gcc BINARY_PATH=/bin INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/include LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib install
sdl works fine i wonder i think cmake with gcc is bad choice
finnaly compile of ffmpeg :
no old msys core i destroy my msys instalation we just need pr.exe for compile ffmpeg.
paste binary in bin folder and lib in lib folder then cd c: after ./configure and make thats all
im installed nams directly to bin folder all works
of course i was need cmake script how it looks i show later.
builds here : ... SHOgZag3jd
about cmake:
we create file in ffmpeg folder called CMakeLists.txt filhe have those lines :
Cmake_minumim_required(VERSION 3.10.1)
add_executables(myproject ffmpeg.c)
install (TARGETS myproject DESTINATION bin)

few times in cmake gui after generate we genereate again when stop be red its complete
(generate makefiles mingw default native)
thats all ,
Ps: recentry install zlib not works for me i cant compile mplayer i will fix that . maybe nasm also helps for ffmpeg compile
fixed solution is : download ... z/download
copy zlib.dl to bin folder and other resources from zlib folder to include folder its working im proud
about pk config you just need those : ... ... ...
we just need all files from bin folders and copy them to gcc bin folder.
Ps:works only in mpui 1.0
msys broken shell i looking way to fix it.
and my fault we need pr.exe from msys to compile ffmpeg
and mktemp ... =10gbps-io.
later i post my GCC build.
i need fix my bash it show broken shell i cant fix it.
i was find other way rename TDM-GCC-64 optionaly to mingw32 or mingw64 move to msys2 folder then run mingw32 or mingw64 .exe
i will be move to mingw64 msys and gcc 5.1 make too much errors for me not working now i will not change os .
totally broken... im dont know how detect mingw64 on msys2
fixed :)
follow: ... ys-1.0.11/

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