Long term hosting of milestone releases?

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Long term hosting of milestone releases?

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I was wondering how much do these milestone releases get hosted normally or if it could be extended, because I was thinking of a different type of using ffmpeg for a project which currently relies on a custom built ffmpeg with custom feature set for that program feature, which is somewhat old and needs to be fixed, but the idea is to also try using HWAccel codecs which would need the full (different) feature set during development.

Instead of going through the trouble of setting up a build environment for ffmpeg, and other reasons, I thought maybe it would be better to use the existing Zeranoe -dev type linking and then, not ship the full ffmpeg shared DLLs, but provide a mechanism which the users can download and install it optionally, as the feature that uses ffmpeg isn't a core part of the program.

The download/install part is no problem, that can be implemented internally (download, unzip, copy, clean) all that it's needed is a static download link of the zip, which is probably already true, but for a longer period than just a few months, I was looking at somewhere 2 years at least maybe.

I'm targeting 4.0 right now for Windows x64 only. However this is just an idea so far, it's up to the Dolphin development team to make a decision whether this is a better type of including ffmpeg.

There is a chance the new improved feature will work with future ffmpegs, but this is just a backup thing, there would be an override option for the user to choose something other than 4.0, but that's ofcourse a risky thing sometime down the line.

I've opened a separate thread here for dicussion around the framedumping code, so that this thread doesn't end up holding that discussion: Pending, thread didn't appear yet publicly.

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