Winrt build script

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Winrt build script

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Hi All,

I want to create a open-source project on Windows Store with FFmpeg. But the first steps is build ffmpeg for winrt.

I check the VLC source codes and found that Mingw-3.1.0 has windows store compact library. If we linked GCC with -lwinstorecompact, it will build WINRT compact library.

But the newest build script doesn't build mingw with winstorecompact library. Any body can help me to modify it?

Another question is how to build ARM version. I think we can build GCC with ARM-COFF target, and then build mingw with that GCC, the output file could be used in Surface and ARM-WinRT.

Anyone can help us to modify the build script. Our project is Open-Source project, we want to create a better video play on Windows Store and Windows Phone.

Thanks a lots.

Best regards,

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