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Visual Studio 2013 Preview

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:47 pm
by BiDouiLle
Visual Studio 2013 Preview is publicly available and claims support for some C99 and C++11 features.
C99 Libraries
  • C99 functionality added to <math.h>
  • Complex math functions in new header, <complex.h>
  • Integer type support in new header, <inttypes.h>; includes format string support for "hh"
  • Support for variable argument scanf forms in <stdio.h>. C99 variants of vscanf, strtoll, vwscanf/wcstoll, isblank/iswblank implemented
  • New conversion support for long long and long double in <stdlib.h>
Smells good for an easier way to handle ffmpeg compilation :-)

Additional informations and download links on Microsoft website and MSDN Blog.

I don't have the time to test it now or soon so feel free to comment about your experiences.