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Streaming Issues....

Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 1:10 am
by whit3fir3
The issue that I'm having is I'm trying to use ffmpeg to transcode some .WAV files (that are being created in real time) to .mp3 and have the output go to IceCast. Due to the nature of how the program that captures the .WAV files works I have no idea of when a new file will show up or what its name will be. However the program does allow for a script to be executed after the .WAV file is created and it passes the file name in as a parameter.

What I've been attempting to do up to this is create a named pipe in linux and have a basic bash script that just "cat $1 >>" to the named pipe. Then I have ffmpeg do its magic and convert the input to this pipe to an mp3 and send it to IceCast. The short version is this works great for the first file and epicly falls apart for the the second file. My best guess right now is that ffmpeg is seeing the end of the stream / file for the first file that is being sent to the named pipe and then just ends.

My question is basically is there a way that I can create a named pipe in linux that I can just cat my wav files to as they are created and have an ffmpeg process running in the background pick up on this and begin to transcode the data?