RTMPDump Windows Builds

Steam recording with RTMPDump or FFmpeg.
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Re: RTMPDump Windows Builds

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As a note, this also builds rtmpdump.exe [at al] so may be worth looking at:

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Re: RTMPDump Windows Builds

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why it works well choosing rtmp as format while it fails the same path with rtmpS?
perhaps a (known??) TLS incompatibility rtmpdump / OS? perhaps the same issue that is affecting aria2c and TLS??
In other words: what kind of Windows OS are fully supported by rtmpdump 2.4 copyright 2010 build 2015, the latest and final ?

[rtmpdump] Connecting ...
[rtmpdump] ERROR: RTMP_Connect1, TLS_Connect failed
[rtmpdump] DEBUG: Closing connection.
ERROR: [rtmpdump] Could not connect to RTMP server.


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