Retrieving encryption infos from ISMV files

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Retrieving encryption infos from ISMV files

Post by zyend » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:02 am

Hi all,

I've just downloaded ffmpeg dev to support very basic functionnalities in an AVOD project.
Basically, I'd n'eed to gather a bunch of data and metadata giving a media files (mp4, mkv, ismv etc.) such as the audio and video tracks, encryption flags etc.
I've decided to use ffmpeg sdk instead of many different libraries.

I've some problem with encrypted files such as ISMV (ms smooth streaming).
Using the Bent4 library, i was able to detect encrypted tracks, the encryption scheme and keyid, and the underlying audio and video tracks features.

using ffmpeg and common functions:

Code: Select all

avformat_open_input(pFormatCtx, ...)

avformat_find_stream_info(pFormatCtx, NULL);

I just retrieve the info of the underlying audio and video codecs, but nothing about the encryption features.

Is there a specific function call that could help me to achieve it ?



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