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Help to find a solution to video watermark being unsharp/pixelated

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 2:12 pm
by chrisj
the php web video script that I’m using adds a watermark successfully, however, the watermark.png looks ok on the small screen, but when full screen is selected the watermark.png image looks much less sharp.

‘scale2ref’ seems like a possible solution. I have tried different attempts with it without success. The ffmpeg documentation shows:

“Scale a logo to 1/10th the height of a video, while preserving its display aspect ratio”:

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I need guidance with integrating scale2ref into this current line of code:

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$ffmpegCommand =''.$ffmpeg_b.' -y -i '.$video_file_full_path.' -i '.escapeshellarg($watermark_image_full_path).' -i '.escapeshellarg($watermark_image_full_path).' -filter_complex "scale=426:-2, scale=426:-2, overlay=10:10, overlay=170:170:enable=between(t\,5\,5+2)" -vcodec libx264 -preset '.$pt->config->convert_speed.' -crf 26 '.$video_output_full_path_240.' 2>&1';
any additional assistance is appreciated.