using hls_segment_size causes threads with crashes

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using hls_segment_size causes threads with crashes

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I'm sorry if I posted in a wrong place.

I'm trying the following:
- m3u8 file with byterages
- segments with size close to 15MB

and then I found the command line '-hls_segment_size', which limits the size of the TS file, and also creates byteranges in the m3u8 file

Code: Select all

ffmpeg.exe -i in.mp4  -vcodec copy -acodec aac -hls_list_size 0 -hls_segment_size 15000000 -f hls out.m3u8
generates the m3u8 file, and the TS files as desired.
but when play in a player in the browser, a crash occurs when it moves from one segment to another. (I do not know how to explain this failure)

I uploaded the demo video:
in this link the problem happens in the second 7

I already researched, for everything, and tried everything, this seems to me some ffmpeg bug.
I've been in this problem for almost a week.

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