How to resume live stream on Facebook with ffmpeg

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How to resume live stream on Facebook with ffmpeg

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I'm using ffmpeg to live stream to Facebook. I mostly fine, but sometime it got broken. The problem is I can't resume it even I started new ffmpeg process right away. I see that some program like Vmix can do it (resume the broken live stream). I thought maybe ffmpeg send the END signal to Facebook server before exit, then I can't resume it. So I tested.

1. I start ffmpeg process to live stream to facebook.
2. I kill the process by kill -9 <pid>
3. Start new ffmpeg process ==> It resume ok
4. Tested step 2 and step 3 few times, it resume ok everytimes

5. I kill process by Ctrl + C
6. Start new process ==> Resume failed

So I think my theory was right, ffmpeg send the END signal before exit. My question is " Is there any option to let ffmpeg don't send the rtmp END signal before exit ? " - sometime it broken by accident and I need to resume it.
If ffmpeg don't have any option like that, how can I adjust source code to do it ?

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