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hevc conversion to jpg using ffmpeg?

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:46 am
by vashu20
I was working on heif fles, I need a solution for a problem given below:

Using MP4Box:
MP4Box -info IMG_5915.HEIC
I get:
prof colour profile not supported

prof colour profile not supported

Root Meta type: "pict" - 52 resource item(s)

Primary Item - ID 49

Item #1 - ID 1 - Name:



Item #49 - ID 49 - Name:

Item #50 - ID 50 - Name: Item #51 - ID 51 - Name:

File has no movie (moov) - static data container
Then if I extract all of these:
for i in seq 51; do MP4Box -dump-item $i:path=item$i.hevc IMG_5915.HEIC; done
Then if i continue, and convert these tiles to jpeg with ffmpeg it convert one tile to jpeg i.e it creates 51 HEVC tiles.
ffmpeg -i item1.hevc -frames:v 1 -vsync vfr -q:v 1 -an image1.jpg

The above command convert a single tile to a jpg, how can I combine these 51 tiles into a single a jpg file?