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Saving images from m3u8 stream in realtime

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:22 am
by TimoBiLe

I have a m3u8-stream running and I am doing some image processing with the pictures saved by ffmpeg.
The problem is, that ffmpeg is too slow in saving the files to the disc. Is there a way to save the pictures almost in realtime?

I can see, that the images are saved in "bursts" of 40 images or so. That leaded me to try out -nobuffer option, with no efford.
Switching from .jpg file extension to .bmp worked really well, decreasing Quality did save some time too.
But the pictures are still about 0.7 seconds behind the real stream.

This is my config:
ffmpeg -i https://link/to/the/hdstream/playlist.m3u8 -f image2 -q:v 30 C:\path\to\savingdir\%01d.bmp -n -bufsize 0

Does anybody have a hint for me? Maybe it's not ffmpeg which is the bottle neck in my case.

I have a intel core i7 processor installed and i am using windows 8.1.

Greets, TimoBiLe