get if my rtsp input stream supports 'pause' command

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get if my rtsp input stream supports 'pause' command

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I want to play a rtsp input stream from an ip camera and I'd like to know if it supports 'pause' command. At low level (rtsp protocol) would be sufficient read the response from the command 'OPTIONS', but how can get that information by ffmpeg api? This is my simplified code:

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AVFormatContext *fc = avformat_alloc_context();
int res;
res = avformat_open_input(&fc, "rtsp://", NULL, NULL);       
res = avformat_find_stream_info(fc, NULL);

AVCodecContext *cc = fc->streams[videoStream]->codec;
once I got FormatContext and CodecContext, how can I get if my stream supports 'pause' command, that means that av_read_pause() api has really effect?

thank you


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