Error when converting video to gif image.

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Error when converting video to gif image.

Post by fermk090 » Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:30 pm

I was trying to convert a video to sequence images in gif format using this tutorial: ... gif/18160/

I downloaded the last two version of ffmpeg for windows 7 x64

FFmpeg git-7f83db3 64-bit Static (Latest) (2012-01-05) and
FFmpeg git-f514695 64-bit Static (2011-12-26)

I was trying to convert the video to gifs using this command

c:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe -i movie.avi img-%03d.gif as a reference

when i get this error

ffmpeg incompatible pixel format 'yuv420p' for codec 'gif',auto selecting format 'rgb8'[email protected]/6659827661/

it makes gifs ,but they are blank

as you can see here[email protected]/6659828129/

When i tried to convert to png formar it gives me a error,but it makes png images that i can see.

I tryed the 2 latest version of ffmpeg with the same result.

Can anyone help me with this?Thanks in advance.

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