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Forum Rules

Posted: Sat May 07, 2011 7:12 pm
by Zeranoe
Here are some general rules that users should follow before posting.

Forum Rules

Think before you post, ask yourself some standard questions:
  1. Has this been asked before?
  2. Is this located in the right category/topic?
  3. If I was another person reading this, would I get all the information I need to help?
  4. Have I stated my point/question professionally and clearly?
  5. Have I tried finding a solution on my own before I post here?
Don't be rude, everyone helping here is not required to help you, and wont help you if you choose to be disrespectful.

Don't keep posting on a thread that has not received a responded yet draw attention to it because you aren't getting an answer soon enough.

Spam or advertising will not be tolerated, any account participating in either will be deleted along with all posts made on that account.

For now I am allowing the use of avatars and signatures, be respectful with both or I will be forced to disable them.

Don't put off topic links to other sites in your avatar or signature, they will be considered spam and dealt with as spam.

Connecting FFMPeg and live 555 media server.

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:51 pm
by Ashutosh
hi everyone,
I need to know how to transmit encoded video from the encoder to live 555 media server.Sample code is below..

Code: Select all

        	if (source == NULL){} 
                 videoES = source;
		  video_sink->startPlaying(*video_source,afterPlaying, video_sink);
The problem is it doesn't stream properly.Does anybody have any insights on how to stream properly.
Please help.