Motherboards and codecs

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Motherboards and codecs

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Would a new motherboard (unfortunately, I don't know what kind of motherboard it is only that is a newer mobo) require a move from msmpeg4v2 to msmpeg4v3 for the video codec? I ask this because the company I work for updated the mobo for a terminal we use and all the previous videos were encoded using V2. One or two of the videos had problems (but most played correctly) and our tech team blames the codec...only problem is they always blame the codec even tho every time there has been a problem with the videos it was never a codec problem (rather blame my department than actually find out what the problem is.) When I look online I'm getting inundated with a lot of information, I say considering that 2 out of 200 aren't playing correctly and that there are other problems that there is a possibility that the mobo is bad even tho it is brand new. I am starting to doubt myself and the knowledge that I have :( I know this may seem like a ridiculous question, I just thought I would seek some expert advice from people that don't have any stake in the matter.

P.S. changing something and not letting other departments is par for the course where I work, which is why I haven't been told what kind of mobo it is.

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Re: Motherboards and codecs

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Perhaps if they are using Broadcom Crystal HD for hardware based decoding of msmpeg4 the swich could possibly be an issue somehow or another. Not much info to work with, so who knows.

For software based decoding, no.

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