Music of The Sims 4: File Container .sns how to decode

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Music of The Sims 4: File Container .sns how to decode

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Hello everyone. First of all, sorry for my English, I am French. :P
Do you know the game "The Sims 4"? Well now, I'm taking the music of the game directly from the files located in "The Sims 4 / Data / FullBuild0" and these files are .sns, file that I can decode normally with "ealayer3.exe ". Except that CAS music files and the build mode are different. In the game, the music changes depending on the menu where you are, there are 8 variants of music for a single music. (variants for the instruments back, for example, the first variant contains only a violin that plays when the last is the whole orchestra playing). So when I decodes the file .sns construction mode or CAS, the latter converts only one variant: the first! The other 7 are not converted. I noticed that the .sns file is 23 MB while the .mp3 of the first variant is only 3 MB, 7 other variants are well .sns present in the file but are not decoded. Are you able yet to follow? :?

I think I found where it comes from: The .sns the build mode / CAS is a container of several .sns files (8 variants so) and that at the time of decoding, there is only one variant (only 1 .sns inside) that is decoded. So I wondered, as I'm not sure using FFmpeg, if there was any way to convert this .sns container and all its little .sns in readable format in Windows ?? (.m4u example).
Thank you in advance to those who will help me and sorry my english yet.

I join you here an example of .sns container file is actually a music contruction mode.!PQ1QlAwS!nji1BRnZyuJE ... Gc_XJ6RRg0

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