Adding audio stream to video stream problems

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Adding audio stream to video stream problems

Post by twinkies » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:00 pm

I'm working on a simple project where I allow the user to record a video stream, record an audio stream and combine the two. I also want to allow them to pick what time period in each stream to "export" so to speak; so if they have a minute recording, they can select only to export let's say 10seconds of it.
My current ffmpeg command is:

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Ffmpeg.exe -ss 56.6081 -i "audio.ogg" -i "Video.avi" -c copy -shortest "Output.avi
Where the "56.6081" is actually a variable that the user can decide on.

My problem at the moment is that there are times when the output file is so much larger than the individual audio + video files. Why is this? Let's say my video file is 50MB and audio is 10MB, the result can be something +100MB.

My second problem is that sometimes the exported product have a corrupted index, so the ability to scroll or seek through the video during playback is not working.

Also, I tried changing my command to:

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ffmpeg.exe -ss 55.6081 -i "video.avi" -i "audio.ogg" -c:v -c:a -shortest "output.avi"
but now I get a "unknown encoder '-c:a'".

Any help would be appreciated!!
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Re: Adding audio stream to video stream problems

Post by llogan » Mon Dec 01, 2014 6:42 pm

Please show the complete ffmpeg console output from each command (and use the code tags to format it).

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ffmpeg.exe -ss 55.6081 -i "video.avi" -i "audio.ogg" -c:v -c:a -shortest "output.avi"
Your -c:v is blank.

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