Recorded flv jump in flash player and in vlc player

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Recorded flv jump in flash player and in vlc player

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Hi All
I have an FLV file having video codec svc1 (screen video codec). When I try to playback this file in my media player developed using Flex , it does not play well and jumps regularly after few seconds. For example if I start play this file, playing first few seconds it will jump to 1min., then playing few seconds of video, it will jump to an interval between 2 to 3 that.This happens continously till the file ends.
Other files are playing well in this player.

Please help as I have searched a lot on internet for the solution and have made all efforts in creation of this file and making corrections in my media player but nothing work. Please provide a solution.

Or Is there any ffmpeg command to convert that flv to flv so that after conversion output flv starts playing smoothly without jump.

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