OutPut Video is fast forwarding ???

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OutPut Video is fast forwarding ???

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There is a requirement is which i have to draw a template like some design on video as well as showing some record
on top of video. The video size will be with in 1 min. and i have to write some data exactly on per second basis on
the video. For this requirement i first extracted the frames from video, Then wrote the data on frames and after that
again merged that frames to create video. But now what i got no to that the resultant video some speedy.

1.Command which is used to get information such as Frame rate of video:
ffmpeg.exe -i inputVideoFile.mp4

2.Command which is used to get the frames from the Video:
ffmpeg.exe -i inputVideoFilePathName.mp4 -r [fps] -an -sameq -f image2 Path\\image%06d.png

Note: here in [fps] i passed the value of frame rate of video which i got to know from first line.

3.Now started writing the data and template image on those frames using .net.

4.Command which i used to merge the frames and generate the out put Vidoe:
ffmpeg.exe -r [fps] -i \\OutPutFrames\\image%06d.png -vcodec mpeg4 -an outPutFilePathName.mp4

So, what is wrong with this process or is there any other way or any other good approach to do some thing for this


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